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Automated Emails: Send custom emails on actions like post is published or updated

Automated Emails: Send custom emails on actions like post is published or updated


This plugin does one simple thing: it sends custom emails when something happens on your site, like when a new post has been published or when an existing post has been moved to the trash.


  • 6 events:
    • Post Status Change (+ 3 presets) – when the status of a post has changed.
    • Post Updated (+1 preset) – when a post has been updated in the database.
  • Multiple recipients: Send to multiple recipients, like the post author or the user making the cahnges
  • Smart placeholders: Add post or user data in your custom emails (subject and body)
    • 6 post values: title, title (raw), content, content (raw), id, url
    • 3 user values: public name, email, id

Adding Data to the subject and body
This plugin allows you to add the data for current post and/or user to the email subject and body. To do so, you have to use the format: ((dataType.value | DataID))
For example:
Hello, John Doe! would be written as: Hello, ((user.nameDisplay | PostAuthor))

Here are the available values:
    * post title: ((post.title | UpdatedPost))
    * post title, unfiltered: ((post.titleRaw | UpdatedPost))
    * post content: ((post.content | UpdatedPost))
    * post content, unfiltered: ((post.contentRaw | UpdatedPost))
    * post id: ((post.id | UpdatedPost))
    * post url: ((post.url | UpdatedPost))

    * user public name: ((user.nameDisplay | PostAuthor))
    * user id: ((user.id | PostAuthor))
    * user email: ((user.email | PostAuthor))

GitHub: https://github.com/Neblabs/automated-emails-original

એફએક્યુ (FAQ)

My custom emails are not being sent

Automated Emails uses core WordPress functions for sending emails, make sure that your site is sending regular emails without this plugin.

Does this plugin use an external service?

No! Automated Emails uses WordPress’ wp_mail() function to send the emails.


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  • Fixed bug when selecting recipients


  • Initial public release. 12+ months in the making!