Integrate Google Drive – Browse, Upload, Download, Embed, Play, Share, Gallery, and Manage Your Google Drive Files Into Your WordPress Site


Experience seamless integration between your Google Drive and WordPress with the best and most user-friendly Google Drive plugin for WordPress.

Effortlessly manage and share your Google Drive documents and media files right on your website. With just a few clicks, you can browse, embed, display, upload, download, search, play, and share your Google Drive files, freeing you from any coding hassles.

Don’t miss out on the best way to manage your Google Drive files! Get your Google Drive files in front of your audience fast and easy with this must-have plugin.


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🌟 Free Features

⚙️ Effortless Setup
Say goodbye to complex and time-consuming setup processes! With this plugin, you don’t have to create any custom Google apps. Simply sign in with your Google account with just one click and start enjoying seamless integration between your Google Drive and WordPress.

🗂️ File Management
Effortlessly manage your Google Drive files from the comfort of your website’s admin dashboard with the Admin File Browser. This full-featured file browser offers a comprehensive solution for navigating and organizing your cloud files with ease.”

🔼 Direct File Uploads
Efficiently upload files of any size from your website to Google Drive with the File Uploader feature. This streamlined solution simplifies your workflow, saving time and effort with its user-friendly, unlimited file handling capability.

🔍 Full-Text Search
Quickly find the files you need, whether by searching for file names and extensions or by utilizing the full-text search to search beyond file names and into the content of your Google Drive files.

📦 Multiple Files ZIP Download
Simplify the downloading process for multiple files with the Multiple Files ZIP Download feature. Using the File Browser, both you and your users can easily download selected files as a compressed ZIP file for quick and efficient transfers.

👁️ Inline Preview
With the inline preview feature, you can instantly view your documents and images with the built-in lightbox. The plugin is capable of rendering a wide variety of document types, allowing users to preview their content without having to download it first.

🛠️ Shortcode Builder
The Shortcode Builder allows you to easily create customizable modules, including File Browsers and Galleries, with a variety of configurations. Simply use the shortcode to add the modules to any desired location on your website. 🎬 Watch Video

📄 Embed Documents
Effortlessly embed any Google Drive document directly into your page or post for easy viewing and accessibility for your visitors. 🎬 Watch Video

🔗 File Download Links
Easily add Google Drive file download links to your pages and posts, providing quick and convenient access to your files for your visitors. 🎬 Watch Video

🔗 File View Links
Easily insert direct links in your page or post to view any file in your Google Drive account. 🎬 Watch Video

🌐 Multi Language Supported
The plugin supports multiple languages, allowing you to easily translate it using the Loco Translate WordPress plugin. Provide a localized experience for your audience and expand your reach globally.

🔄 On Demand Assets Loading
To save your time and bandwidth, the plugin only include it assets when it is really required on the page. – no extra traffic and faster loading!

📱 Responsive Design
The plugin ensures that your content, be it a File Browser, Gallery, Upload Box, or Media Player module, will look great on both desktop and mobile devices for a seamless user experience.

📲 Use Own Google App
You can utilize your own Google app for a seamless and personalized experience with the plugin. 🎬 Watch Video

💾 Export/ Import Data
With the export and import functionality, you can securely backup all the plugin data, including settings, module shortcodes, user private files, and statistics, to a JSON file. This enables you to easily transfer your data to another site with ease.

🔐 User Access Control
Enable access to the Integrate Google Drive plugin pages in the admin dashboard to specific users or user roles, allowing you to fine-tune who can manage and utilize the plugin.

🖼️ Gallery Shortcode Module
Display Google Drive images and videos in a dynamic lightbox grid gallery. This elegant and interactive gallery, easily embedded via shortcode, is automatically generated from your chosen folders. 🎬 Watch Video

📩 Contact Form 7 Google Drive File Upload
The plugin integrates seamlessly with the Contact Form 7 plugin, enabling you to include file upload functionality to your forms. Uploaded files will be automatically saved to your Google Drive account. 🎬 Watch Video

🚀 PRO Features

🔒 User Private Files
Using Private Folders you can easily and securely share your Google Drive documents with your users/clients. 🎬 Watch Video

📂 File Browser Shortcode Module
With the File Browser shortcode module, you can create a personalized file library to showcase the specific Google Drive files and folders of your choice to your users and clients. 🎬 Watch Video

📤 File Uploader Shortcode Module
Easily enable your users/clients to upload files directly to your Google Drive account from your site with the customizable File Uploader shortcode module. 🎬 Watch Video

🎧 Media Player Shortcode Module
Effortlessly play Google Drive audio and video files in a single player with download restrictions using the Media Player Shortcode Module. Create custom playlists from selected folders and files, and embed the player anywhere with a shortcode. 🎬 Watch Video

🔍 File Search Box Shortcode Module
You can create a File Search Box module to allow your users/clients to quickly and easily search for any Google Drive file right from your website. Simply use the provided shortcode to display the search box anywhere on your site. 🎬 Watch Video

📷 Gallery Photo Proofing
The Gallery Photo Proofing feature allows you to create a personalized gallery for your clients to view and select their desired images. They can then download the selected images as a ZIP file, or send them to you as an email attachment.

⏩ Slider Carousel Module
With the Slider Carousel module, you can create a beautiful and interactive slider carousel to showcase your Google Drive images, videos, and documents. Simply use the shortcode to embed the slider anywhere on your site.

📥 One-Click File Import to Media Library
Effortlessly bring your Google Drive files into your WordPress site by simply clicking a button. 🎬 Watch Video

🔄 Multiple Google Accounts Supports
Manage and access your Google Drive files from multiple Google accounts seamlessly with this feature. Simply add multiple Google accounts to the plugin and switch between them as needed.

📊 Analytics
You can Keep track of all file activity including downloads, uploads, media play streams, and document previews with the easy-to-use analytics feature. Stay informed of your most popular files and user engagement.

📈 Statistics Email Reporting
Stay informed on the usage of your Google Drive files with automated email reports summarizing the statistics data. Choose from daily, weekly, or monthly reporting frequency to suit your needs.

📧 Notification Emails
Get email notifications for specific actions performed by your users, such as downloading, uploading, or deleting files, ensuring that you are always aware of the activity on your Google Drive account.

💰 Sell Downloadable Products
You can sell your Google Drive files as downloadable products integrating this plugin with the WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

📤 WooCommerce File Uploader
You can let your customers upload files to your Google Drive account when they place an order using the WooCommerce plugin. 🎬 Watch Video

📤 Form Uploads to Google Drive
You can use the plugin with the Gravity Forms, WPForms, Ninja Forms, Formidable Forms, Fluent Forms, Contact Form 7, Elementor Form, MetForm plugins to receive files from your website visitors and store them directly in your Google Drive account.


🔀 Media Library Integration
Use Google Drive files as WordPress media attachment and upload, import, and synchronize between WordPress and Google Drive. 🎬 Watch Video

🔀 Classic Editor Integration
You can easily integrate your Google Drive files into your WordPress content created using the classic editor. By using the Google Drive button on the editor, you can add modules, embed documents, and insert file download and view links, making it a seamless and efficient process. 🎬 Watch Video

🔀 Gutenberg Editor Integration
This plugin provides 9+ blocks to use the File Browser, Gallery, Media Player, File Search Box, File Uploader, File Download Links, File View Links, and File Embed modules in the Gutenberg editor. 🎬 Watch Video

🔀 Elementor Website Builder Integration
This plugin integrates with the Elementor page builder, offering 9+ widgets to utilize the File Browser, Gallery, Media Player, File Search Box, File Uploader, File Download Links, File View Links, and File Embed modules within your posts and pages. 🎬 Watch Video

🔀 Elementor PRO Form Widget Google Drive Upload Integration
Allows effortless file uploads from Elementor PRO Form widget to Google Drive for quick and efficient storage. 🎬 Watch Video

🔀 Divi Builder Integration
This plugin integrates with the Divi Builder, offering 9+ modules to utilize the File Browser, Gallery, …


  • Admin File Browser
  • Shortcode Builder
  • File Browser
  • Image and Video Gallery
  • Audio/ Video Media Player
  • File Uploader
  • File Search
  • Embed Documents
  • File Importer to Media Library
  • Private Folders
  • Statistics
  • Link Multiple Google Accounts
  • Classic Editor Integration
  • Gutenberg Editor Blocks
  • Elementor Page Builder Widgets
  • WooCommerce Google Drive Integration
  • Easy Digital Downloads Google Drive Integration
  • WPForms Google Drive Upload Integration
  • Gravity Forms Google Drive Upload Integration
  • Fluent Forms Google Drive Upload Integration
  • Ninja Forms Google Drive Upload Integration
  • Formidable Forms Google Drive Upload Integration
  • Slider Carousel
  • Divi Builder Modules
  • Google Drive Integration with Dokan Multi-vendor Marketplace
  • Google Drive Integration with Tutor LMS
  • Google Drive Integration with MetForm
  • Google Drive Integration with Contact Form 7
  • Google Drive Integration with ACF
  • Google Drive Integration with Media Library


This plugin provides 10 blocks.

  • Gallery Insert a masonry grid gallery with lightbox preview to display Google Drive images and videos.
  • Insert View Links Insert links to view the files in Google Drive
  • File Search Insert a search box to search files and folders in specific Google Drive folders
  • File Browser Insert a file browser to browse specific Google Drive files and folders
  • Slider Carousel Insert a slider carousel to display Google Drive photos, videos, and documents.
  • Embed Documents Embed Google Drive documents to your page/ post
  • Media Player Insert a media player to play specific Google Drive Audio and Video files.
  • File Uploader Insert a file uploader to upload files to a specific Google Drive folder.
  • Insert Download Links Insert links to download Google Drive files.
  • Module Shortcodes Insert pre-built module's shortcode

એફએક્યુ (FAQ)

1. Is there any upload file size limit for the File Uploader module?

No, using the File Uploader module you can upload unlimited size of files to your Google Drive.

2. Can the users share the files using the file links or through email?

Yes, Users can share the files links via Direct File link, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp, and also can get embed code to share the file on a web page.

3. Can I link a Google Drive folder to a user on my site automatically when they have been registered?

Yes, you can link a Google Drive folder to a user on your site when they have been registered. You can also link the private folders to the users manually.

4. Can I manage and link the users private folders manually?

Yes, you can manage and link the users private folders manually from the Private Folders page.

5. Can I use multiple Google Drive accounts?

Yes, you can link to multiple Google Drive accounts to Integrate Google Drive plugin.

6. Are there any usage limits?

If you want to stream any media files (Audio, Video), the files will be streamed directly from Google Drive. So there are no bandwidth or file size issues for your web host.

But, when you download any zip files, these files will be downloaded to your site and can generate some traffic.

7. Documents preview not working?

In order to preview documents, the files should have the sharing permission “Anyone with link can view”. The plugin will automatically change the sharing permission.

However, in some case the plugin isn’t able to manage the sharing permissions even with those setting enabled. In that case, please try to set the sharing permissions manually via the native Google Drive interface.

8. Why search module search results are slow?

The search module search results may take some time to show the search results. The time depends on the number of files that are selected for the search module.
If your selected folders for the search module have a lot of children files then the search module search results may take some time to show the search results.

9. Can I use the File Uploader module with a Form plugin?

Yes, you can use the File Uploader module with the Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, WPForms, Ninja Forms, Fluent Forms, and Formidable Forms.

10. Can I create and rename folders for the Form File Uploader when any entry is submitted?

Yes, you can create and rename folders for the Form File Uploader when any entry is submitted. All the uploaded files will be saved in the created folder.

11. Can I use my Google Drive files as a downloadable product in WooCommerce?

Yes, you can use your Google Drive files as a downloadable product in WooCommerce.

12. Can I let my customers upload files to my Google Drive account when they purchase my products in WooCommerce?

Yes, you can let your customers upload files to your Google Drive account when they purchase your products in WooCommerce.

13. How do I insert Audio, Video, or Image files into my page or post?

To insert Audio, Video, or Image files into your page or post, follow these steps:

  1. Use the Embed module, available in popular editors like shortcode builder, classic editor, Gutenberg editor, Elementor, or Divi page builder.
  2. Configure the Embed module to create and display the media files.
  3. Enable the “Direct Media Display” option from the “Advanced” tab while setting up the Embed module. This option bypasses the embedded player and directly displays the media files on your page or post.
  4. Display the embed module on your page or post to showcase the Audio, Video, or Image files.

14. Why is the embedded video/audio not working?

Sometimes, embedded audio and video files may not play properly. To fix this issue, enable the “Direct Media Display” option from the “Advanced” tab, which allows media files to be displayed directly instead of through the embedded player. You can do this while configuring the Embed module.

  1. Can I allow my clients to use the “Photo Proofing” feature in the Image Gallery?
    Absolutely. By turning on the “Photo Proofing” option within the gallery module, you empower clients to choose images for downloading or forwarding them to you for additional edits. To activate this feature, navigate to the “Permissions” tab during the gallery module setup and select the “Photo Proofing” option.


ફેબ્રુવારી 7, 2024
Trying to solve the problem of putting some files for logged in users, but in a way that the user couldn't print neither download the PDF file, I've found this great solution to implement this and a lot more of useful solutions to manage files by the admins/editors and even the users/subscribers!Thank you very much for your work and effort.Kind regards. Juanjo - Crealogic Digital
ફેબ્રુવારી 1, 2024
The developer of this plugin does everything right. Excellent support and an excellent plugin. So you enjoy using it and are also willing to buy a PRO version because of the added value. I can only recommend it to everyone.
જાન્યુઆરી 31, 2024
No-fuss, low overhead, easy to use, seems well-coded – a reliable bridge between GDrive and WooCommerce for those who don't want to clog their media library with large downloadable files. Thank you!
જાન્યુઆરી 13, 2024
Nice interface, easy to use and integrates perfectly! It provided me with the perfect solution for a project I am working on.
જાન્યુઆરી 21, 2024 1 reply
When trying to download files larger than 4 GB from File Explorer via the plugin, the download is interrupted and canceled when they reach around 400 Mb or 500 Mb. Also, I checked the performance of my Hosting (hostinger), and saw that physical RAM consumption increased to 100%, from 300Mb that is normally used to more than 4Gb. I have written to support to help me but they never responded, I have written in their forum and they ignored me and preferred to respond to others, but not me.
જાન્યુઆરી 3, 2024
I was feeling pretty low about my blogging game, and I wanted to simplify my life by finding a plugin to help me. However, I didn't want to learn anything new, so I searched high and low without finding anything that suited my needs. That's when I stumbled upon the Integrate Google Drive Plugin, thanks to a random user on Discord who recommended it to me. At first, I was sceptical, but I eventually gave it a try, and I'm glad I did! Let me tell you, I have a lot of conceptual designs, music, and blog material that I need to manage, and I need a system that can handle it all. That's where the Integrate Google Drive Plugin comes in. I downloaded it, entered my Google account credentials, and voila! Everything was set up and ready to go. Now, my workflow is super smooth. I save my blog for the following week onto my hard drive, and it's automatically backed up to my Google Drive. Publishing my content through the plugin is a breeze, and I can't believe how easy it is! The Integrate Google Drive Plugin has done more than streamline my workflow though. It's inspired me and given me the confidence to conquer anything. If I can find a plugin that makes my life easier without learning anything new, then the sky's the limit! So, if you're feeling down about your blogging game or want an easy way to manage your content, try the Integrate Google Drive Plugin. You won't regret it!
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ફાળો આપનાર & ડેવલપર્સ

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ફાળો આપનારા


1.3.8 (2024-03-01)

  • New: Added option to rename the files based on the form field values.
  • New: Added setting to only allow specific folders in the media library.
  • New: Added Google Drive ACF integration for the Dokan products.
  • New: Added Media Library integration with Dokan.
  • New: Added option to display the gallery and slider image overlay description always and on hover.
  • New: Added option to enable/disable the auto-save settings.
  • New: Added multiple lazy load options (Pagination, Load More button, Scroll) for file browser and gallery shortcode module.
  • New: Added lazy load settings for admin file browser.
  • Fix: Fixed gallery thumbnail not loading issue.
  • Fix: Fixed large file download not completing issue.
  • Fix: Fixed large video file not playing issue.
  • Fix: Fixed elementor module builder white screen issue.
  • Fix: Fixed Gravity form not submitting when has multiple Google Drive upload fields.
  • Fix: Fixed %queue_index% file rename placeholder not working issue.
  • Fix: Fixed file uploader not showing uploaded files on the WooCommerce product page.
  • Fix: Fixed shortcode modules throws PHP errors for deleted files.
  • Fix: Fixed data export/import not working issue.
  • Fix: Fixed shortcode modules small font-size issue.
  • Fix: Fixed reset settings not working.
  • Update: Improved media library integration with Google Drive.
  • Update: Improved secure video playback and prevent unauthorized video downloads.
  • Update: Improved notification email template.
  • Update: Improved overall performance and security.

1.3.7 (2024-01-14)

  • Fix: Fixed media player not working issue.

1.3.6 (2023-12-27)

  • New: Added Media Library Integration.
  • New: Added description to the slider carousel lightbox preview.
  • New: Added option to enable/disable folder download.
  • Fix: Fixed Ninja Forms Google Drive uploader extension filter not working properly.
  • Update: Improved file import to the media library.


  • Update: Improved security.
  • Update: Updated Freemius SDK.

1.3.4 (2023-12-03)

  • New: Added user role based private folder creation on user registration.
  • New: Added sort option for slider module.
  • New: Added random sort option for shortcode module files.
  • Fix: Fixed uploader browse files button not working properly on IOS devices.
  • Fix: Fixed search module not working properly.

1.3.3 (2023-11-17)

  • Fix: Fixed security issue.
  • Fix: Translations issue.

1.3.2 (2023-11-14)

  • Fix: Fixed delete option always available in file browser shortcode module.
  • Fix: Fixed uploader hidden issue in file browser shortcode module.
  • Fix: Fixed security issue.

1.3.1 (2023-11-08)

  • New: Added select all option for File Browser and Gallery module.
  • New: Added folder selection option for Slider Carousel module.
  • Fix: Fixed private folders displaying all selected folders issue.
  • Fix: Fixed module builder crash issue in Divi theme.

1.3.0 (2023-10-30)

  • Fix: Fixed single and double quote not working in search query.
  • Fix: Fixed File upload rename placeholder not working properly issue.
  • Fix: Fixed folder structure for form uploader when folder upload is enabled.

1.2.9 (2023-10-16)

  • New: Added woocommerce download file redirection option to redirect to Google Drive instead of downloading.
  • New: Added Allow Embed Player option for the Media Player module to play large video files using the Google Drive native Embed Player.
  • New: Added Access Denied Message option in the Shortcode Builder to display a custom message when the user doesn’t have access to the module.
  • Fix: Fixed Divi Theme Builder not working properly.
  • Fix: Fixed minor issues with private folders.
  • Remove: Removed Access Denied Message setting from the Private Folders Settings page.

1.2.8 (2023-10-08)

  • New: Added option to allow users to access the private folders in backend file browser page.
  • New: Added gallery photo proofing selection count and range.
  • New: Added rewind and forward controls in media player.
  • Fix: Fixed Dokan File Upload.
  • Fix: Fixed Divi module builder conflicts with Rank Math SEO plugin.
  • Fix: File links sharing copy button not working in safari.
  • Update: Improved media player UI and functionality.
  • Update: Improved keyboard shortcuts accessibility.

1.2.7 (2023-08-31)

  • Fix: Fixed search not working properly issue.
  • Fix: Fixed multistep form required uploader issue.
  • Fix: Fixed WooCommerce uploader allowed file extension was working opposite issue.
  • Fix: Fixed WPForms Entry folder naming issue.

1.2.6 (2023-08-29)

  • New: Added option to set thumbnail image size in the gallery module.
  • New: Added option to set thumbnail image size in the slider module.
  • New: Add slides per page settings per device for the slider module.
  • New: Added option to set gap between slides items.
  • New: Added sort by, sort direction, and items count in the shortcode listing page
  • Fix: Fixed gallery images are not showing properly after few hours.
  • Fix: Fixed download statistics not working.
  • Fix: Fixed shortcode modules not working properly on Divi Builder.
  • Update: Improve Slider Carousel module styles.

1.2.5 (2023-08-10)

  • New: Added Photo Proofing feature for the gallery module.
  • Fix: Fixed private folders not creating on user registration.
  • Fix: Fixed form uploader minimum file number validation.
  • Fix: Fixed Elementor Text Editor Google Drive button not working properly.
  • Fix: Fixed WooCommerce Uploader not working on iPhone 12.


  • New: Added Grid and Masonry layout for gallery module.
  • New: Added new column, overlay, aspect ratio settings for gallery module.
  • Fix: Fixed WooCommerce Downloads not working properly.
  • Fix: Fixed File Browser module filters not working properly.
  • Update: Improved Gallery Module.
  • Updated: Added PHP 8.2 compatibility.


  • Fix: Fixed all files and folders not showing in Gutenberg Editor module configuration.
  • Fix: Fixed folder upload not working properly.
  • Fix: Fixed shortcode module visibility not working for specific users.


  • New: Added min/max upload files restrictions for woocommerce + dokan file upload.
  • Fix: Fixed form uploader button text issue.
  • Fix: Fixed entry folder not creating when the use private folder option is enabled.
  • Fix: Fixed showing not allowed folders when copy/move files in the file browser module.
  • Update: Updated the sweetalert2 to fix conflict with russian sites.
  • Update: Improved WooCommerce uploader.
  • Update: Improved Gallery module.
  • Update: Improved Form Uploader.


  • Fix: Fixed PHP undefined function error
  • Fix: Fixed Elementor widgets are not displaying for non-login users


  • New: Added Google Drive upload field integration with Elementor PRO Form widget.
  • New: Added Google Drive upload field integration with MetForm.
  • New: Added ability to remove uploaded files for uploader module.
  • New: Added file uploader overwrite settings.
  • New: Added merge folders settings for form uploader entry folders.
  • New: Added settings to allow specific folders to the roles and users in the admin dashboard.
  • New: Added option to show confirmation message after uploading files in the uploader module.
  • New: Added new option to display the gallery folders as title or thumbnail style.
  • New: Added settings to customize the Private Folders module “Access Denied Message”
  • Fix: Fixed Breadcrumbs issue.
  • Fix: Fixed video is not added to tutor course.
  • Fix: Fixed Google Drive button not working in the Elementor Text Editor widget.
  • Update: Improved Search Results.
  • Update: Improved Media Player UI.
  • Update: Improved overall plugin performance.


  • New: Added Synchronization Type settings to synchronize all folders or specific selected folders with the cloud.
  • New: Added option to form file uploads to upload files after clicking the submit button.
  • New: Added preview permission settings for search box module.
  • New: Add listing view switch permission settings for shortcode module.
  • New: Added media player playlist item thumbnail and number prefix hide/ show options.
  • Fix: Fix search results not showing properly issue.
  • Fix: Fixed user access settings to access the plugin’s pages in the admin dashboard.
  • Fix: Fixed WooCommerce error while downloading files.
  • Update: Improved the media player module.
  • Update: Improve overall performance.


  • New: Added multiple position settings (bottom, left, right) for the Media Player module.
  • New: Added search option to the media player playlist.
  • New: Added dynamic placeholder tags for initial search term in shortcode modules.
  • New: Added minimum files settings for form upload fields.
  • New: Added pagination & items per page settings for the shortcode builder listing.
  • New: Added option to enable/disable lazy load for the gallery and file browser modules.
  • New: Added “Remember Last Opened Folder” settings to load the last opened folder when a visitor revisit a File Browser or Gallery module.
  • New: Added notifications settings for shortcode modules to receive email notifications for various user activities ( upload, download, delete, etc).
  • Fix: Fixed issue with statistics email report.
  • Fix: Fixed problem with classic editor modules save not working.
  • Fix: …