This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

mg Quotes


This plugin adds a new custom post type to manage and publish your favorite quotes with WordPress.

Quick features summary:

  • Enter the quote content in a multiline editor
  • Optionally assign an author to a quote, with autocompletion for already existent authors
  • Optionally assign multiple hierarchical categories to the quote
  • Optionally assign one or more custom fields: date, where, link, …
  • Autogeneration of quote titles
  • Quickly browse through your quotes with author and/or category filters and full text search
  • Import/Export of quotes between WordPress installations
  • Publish quotes on the front end with widgets, shortcodes and template tags
  • Restrict or allow access to the quotes and the relative operations in admin with fine grained access control
  • Cleanup on uninstall

Manage the quotes

Start managing your quotes accessing the new top menu ‘Quotes’:

In the quote editor enter the quote content and optionally, its author(if you have already added it before just type a part of its name to get an autocompletion) and
one or more (hierarchical) categories.
It is possible to define a title for the quotes, mainly used in the quote listing; if it is not provided it will be autogenerated.
It is also possible to define some custom fields, for example to assign further informations about the quote, such as a date, a link, a place, …

The authors are implemented with a custom taxonomy, so from the Quotes/Authors page it is possible to manage them with the standard WP interface.

From the Quotes/All quotes page there is the standard post list table WP user interface to browse through the quotes.
There is the full text search and two filters for the author and/or the category.

Restrict or allow access to the quotes and the relative operations in admin with fine grained access control

The plugin defines and assigns at installation time the following primitive capabilities to the ‘administrator’ role:

Category custom taxonomy:

  • ‘manage_quote_categories’
  • ‘edit_quote_categories’
  • ‘delete_quote_categories’
  • ‘assign_quote_categories’

Author custom taxonomy:

  • ‘manage_quote_authors’
  • ‘edit_quote_authors’
  • ‘delete_quote_authors’
  • ‘assign_quote_authors’

Quote custom post type:

  • ‘edit_quotes’
  • ‘edit_others_quotes’
  • ‘publish_quotes’
  • ‘read_private_quotes’
  • ‘read’
  • ‘delete_quotes’
  • ‘delete_private_quotes’
  • ‘delete_published_quotes’
  • ‘delete_others_quotes’
  • ‘edit_private_quotes’
  • ‘edit_published_quotes’

Their names should be self-explanatory.

To customize the access control it is sufficient to grant/revoke such caps with a role editing plugin, for example User Role Editor.


To copy all the quotes from a WordPress instance to another just use the related tools provided by WordPress, accessible from the Tools menu.

Publish the quotes

Quotes can be published on the front end with three methods: widgets, shortcodes and template tags.


The Selected Quote and the Random Quote widgets can be used to to display one single quote in the widget areas provided by the used theme.

The Selected Quote widget allows to display a specific quote. Just select it with the control that lists all quotes by their titles.

The random quote displayed by the homonymous widget can be optionally limited to the quotes by an author and/or a category using the provided controls.


Shortcodes can be used to display quotes in posts and pages.

To display a quote in a post or page use the [quote] shortcode passing it the ID of the quote.
Quote IDs can be easily read from the Quotes/All Quotes page, hovering with the mouse on the relevant row of the quotes list table.
So, to display in a post a quote whose ID is 181 just enter [quote id=”181] in the post content editor.

To display a random quote from all the quotes or only from a category and/or author there is the [rnd_quote] shortcode.
Category and author, when provided, must be identified by their name.

[rnd_quote] -> random quote
[rnd_quote author=”Oscar Wilde”] -> a random quote from the author ‘Oscar Wilde’
[rnd_quote category=”Art”] -> a random quote from the ‘Art’ category
[rnd_quote category=”Art” author=”Pablo Picasso”] -> a random quote in the ‘Art’ category and by the ‘Pablo Picasso’ author

Template tags

If you prefer to modify the theme templates, two template tags are available that mimic the behaviour of the widgets and shortcodes.

  • mg_qt_get_quote($id) gets a single quote, specified by its ID
  • mg_qt_get_rnd_quote($category = null, $author = null) Pick one random quote, optionally from the category and/or the author specified(by they names)

These two functions return a string with the HTML markup for the picked quote; mg_qt_quote($id) and mg_qt_rnd_quote($category = null, $author = null)
instead directly output the markup.

Quote markup customization

By default the markup generated for a quote is something like this:

<blockquote class="mg_qt_quote">
    <p>WordPress puts food on my table</p>
    <footer class="meta">
        <cite class="author">Mark Jaquith</cite>

To modify this template the ‘mg_qt_quote_markup’ filter is available. It it invoked with two parameters:

  1. The generated html
  2. An associative array with the quote data. The available keys are: ‘content’, ‘author’, ‘title’, ‘id’.

Some additional info.

Source Code

The plugin source code is also availabe on GitHub.


  • Admin Menu
  • List Table
  • Quote Editor
  • Author Page
  • Categories Page
  • Widgets


The standard procedures for WP plugins installation apply:

  1. Upload the plugin to your WordPress site
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

When the plugin is deleted it will remove all its data from the database.

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  • Fix: allow quote listing on front end with permalink /quotes


  • Enhancement: Allow quote comments


  • Fix: Flush rewrite rules at plugin activation to avoid permalink problems


  • Enhancement: group widgets together in Available Widgets area


  • Bug fix: Fix syntax error for older PHP versions


  • Feature: Fine grained access control in admin
  • Feature: Support of quote post author(the WP user that entered the quote)


  • Fix: display post ID only on quote CPT list table


  • Add screenshots
  • readme.txt fixes and updates


  • First release