VikRentItems Flexible Rental Management System


Vik Rent Items for WordPress

The flexible yet powerful rental management system is now available also for WordPress as a native plugin!

This is the perfect plugin if you need to set up a reservation system for renting items of any kind, from bikes to large items, equipments, sport tools, storage rooms, storage box or anything else that requires an availability calendar for rentals.

Vik Rent Items was born in 2012 for a different web-software (CMS) than WordPress. The same powerful and experienced framework is now at the service of all webmasters, designers and web-agencies that work with WordPress.

The main differences with its brother plugin “Vik Rent Car” is that Vik Rent Items allows to book multiple items with the same order, also with multiple quantities if the items allow the choice of the units to book.

No matter if you want to rent small or large items, in single or multiple quantities, for short or long terms (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly), Vik Rent Items will fulfill all your needs.

This is the free version of the plugin, but you can upgrade to the Pro version at any time from your wp-admin section. Experience the power of a robust items rental management system!

Works with any theme for WordPress.

Visit for more details.

Some of the unique features

  • Rent multiple items in single or multiple quantities, for short or long terms (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly)
  • Flexible and powerful pricing system that follows the OpenTravel Standards to support any pricing model
  • Custom Rate Plans (Refundable, Flexible, Non Refundable rates, Insurances, Damage Waiver etc.)
  • Fixed Time Slots to allow the selection of the duration of the rental
  • Detailed items management functions
  • Delivery service and fee based on distance from the company base address
  • Availability Overview with monthly calendars
  • Pricing Calendar Overview to quickly adjust your fares
  • Rental orders management made right
  • Feature-rich back-end section
  • Front-end customizable booking process
  • 7 different Views for the front-end (7 types of Shortcode for your pages)
  • Multi-language support with built-in translation functions

Some of Pro version features

  • Seasonal Pricing, Promotions and Rates Calendar with 1-click modification
  • Restrictions to define the min/max number of days of rent, weekdays allowed for pick up and drop off
  • Custom fields to request specific billing information to the customers
  • Options and Extra Services to be added to the rental order
  • Custom Cron Jobs to set up automated email reminders
  • Custom Payment Methods with real bank gateways to accept credit cards
  • Coupon codes to apply discounts to the orders

Interested in, curious about the Pro version?

You should take a look with your own eyes at the demo website to see what you can do with Vik Rent Items. Do not stop at the front-end though, make sure to visit the wp-admin section too.

  1. Front-end Demo Website
  2. Admin Demo Website


  • An intuitive Dashboard that shows the next reservations and much more.
  • The optional Delivery service, extra fees and order summary.
  • Define rental costs for any duration of days, hours or extra hours.
  • Availability Overview: all rental orders will build the availability calendars for all items.
  • Time Slots: let your clients choose the duration of the rent from a precise list of options.
  • Pricing Calendar: quickly adjust your rental costs for any rate plan or date of the year.
  • Rental Orders List: all the reservations made by your clients.
  • Use the Calendar to manage the availability or to manually create new reservations.
  • Front-end booking process: customise pretty much anything for the best experience of your clients.


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • VikRentItems Flexible Rental Management System


Installation through the WordPress Plugins Browser

  • Search for “VikRentItems” in the Add Plugin section of your website back-end
  • Install the Plugin by clicking on the apposite button
  • Activate the Plugin by using the apposite activation button
  • A link to access and configure VikRentItems will be visible in the left-menu
  • Enjoy it

Alternative Installation Method

You can only install the free version of VikRentItems, not the Pro version. If for some reasons the WordPress Repository installation won’t work, you can contact us to receive the zip installer file and upload it via FTP onto your server.

  • Download the installer zip file from
  • Unzip the archive on your computer’s local drive
  • Upload via FTP the unzipped folder vikrentitems onto your /wp-content/plugins directory
  • Log in to your wp-admin section and activate the plugin

એફએક્યુ (FAQ)

Is upgrading to Pro mandatory?

No, not at all. However, it took our company around 8 years to build the Pro version and we are willing to spend a lot more years of work on this software. We encourage you to evaluate the free version first, and then upgrade to Pro to unlock its potential.

Why some functions are not available in the free version?

We are a software development company that constantly works to deliver professional tools to build up websites. We make money by selling licenses of the Pro version.

Is it worth upgrading to Pro?

VikRentItems is not a one-page plugin. You can build websites worth a lot of money with this plugin. You don’t need anything else to deliver a complete website, if not a Theme and some experience with WordPress.

Can I use VikRentItems with my preferred Theme?

Yes, of course. You are free to install Vik Rent Items on your website with your own Theme. The plugin will adjust to it thanks to its own CSS framework. It is also possible to work on a custom CSS file to adjust some layouts.

What’s the main difference with Vik Rent Car?

Many functions of Vik Rent Items and Vik Rent Car are pretty similar. However, the biggest difference is that with Vik Rent Items you can allow your clients to rent multiple items (for the same dates) with the same order, as well as items with multiple units. Vik Rent Car instead was mainly designed for vehicles, where, for example, only one car per order could be rented. If you need to allow a family to book multiple bycycle with one single order, maybe 2 “Mountain Bikes” and 3 “Bikes for Kids”, then Vik Rent Items will work perfectly. This is also a plugin designed for generic items, not specifically for vehicles, and so it can adjust to literally any kind of items, things or objects for rent.


મે 23, 2024
I have the PRO plugin. I buy it for a client. The support is really very helpfull. The plugin is really very good! For me, I give 10 stars!
ફેબ્રુવારી 9, 2022
Just bought the plugin for a project for a client. Somethings were not clear to me so I contacted vikwp and they respond within a day. They fix issues if needed. Very happy with the service. I would recommened this plugin to friends.
સપ્ટેમ્બર 23, 2021
Good product. I have used it at my client’s site. Gives good service. Very grateful with the support. Quick attention all the time. They have helped me with various questions and configurations. Works well with WordPress.
એપ્રિલ 21, 2021
Can’t say enough of how great VikWP products and services are. For being accross the world from me, their response to questions and support issues has been prompt, professional and with a positive outcome, every time. I highly recommend their products as stable, brilliantly engineered and user friendly. As for myself, I will be purchasing and using their products for a long time to come.
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Release date – 11 January 2023

  • Fixed attributes escaping to prevent XSS attacks with administrator privileges.


Release date – 12th March 2022

  • Minor improvements.

Earlier versions

For further details about older versions, please refer to the file of the plugin.