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WC Shop Sync – Integrate Square and WooCommerce for Seamless Shop Management

WC Shop Sync – Integrate Square and WooCommerce for Seamless Shop Management


WC Shop Sync – Connect Square with WooCommerce is a quick and easy way to synchronize your products and categories between Square & WooCommerce.

You can also accept simple or one-time payments by connecting your Square account and WC Shop Sync – Connect Square with WooCommerce with just one click.

Here’s what you get in this plugin:

  • Connect your Square account to WooCommerce with just one click.
  • The square payment gateway is protected with end-to-end encryption.
  • Accept simple or one-time payments on your store through Square.
  • Test transactions on your Square account using Sandbox API Support.
  • Manually synchronize simple and variable products between Square and WooCommerce.
  • Refund square orders from your WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Support for Google Pay, ACH Payments, and Cartflows.
  • Sync GTIN codes between WooCommerce and Square POS.
  • Manage additional payment options for WooCommerce right from the plugin.
  • Sync sale prices seamlessly to avoid pricing errors.

Synchronize Products With Just One Click

You have the ability to manually synchronize variable or simple products with custom attributes between Woocommerce and Square using multiple variations.

Similarly, you can also manually synchronize variable or simple products with global attributes using multiple variations.

Compatibility With Google Pay & ACH Payments

WC Shop Sync – Connect Square with WooCommerce is fully compatible with Google Pay which allows users to complete their checkout process using Google Pay.

The plugin also supports ACH Payments (Automated Clearing House) which allows your Square account to accept payments without using paper checks, credit card networks, wire transfers, or cash.


  • You can connect your Square account with the application with just one click without creating an application on the Square developer dashboard. click here to read.
  • Keeping the testing phase in mind we have integrated Sandbox support With the latest version of SQUARE V2 API in order to see test transactions in Square Dashboard.


  • Accept Simple & One-time Payments: Customers are allowed to process simple payments at WooCommerce Checkout with Square API.
  • Square Authorization: Connect your Square application with WC Shop Sync – Connect Square with WooCommerce with a single click.
  • Sandbox API Support: Sandbox API is for developers who test transactions before moving towards live transactions.
  • Process Refund: Generate refunds on your Square orders from your store’s WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Manual Synchronization: Manually synchronize variable or simple products with custom or global attributes between Woocommerce and Square using multiple variations.
  • Support for ACH Payments: ACH Payments allow the user to pay with their Bank Account on the checkout page.
  • Integration With Cartflows plugin: CartFlows allows you to quickly and easily build sales funnels using your page builder of choice.
  • Compatible With Google Pay: Connect Square with Google Pay and allow users to pay for their purchases using Google Pay.
  • Sync Product via GTIN: Sync GTIN codes easily between WooCommerce and Square POS to make sure your product data is always accurate and up-to-date.
  • Payment Toggle Automation: Manage your payment option management for WooCommerce directly from the Payment Gateway module for easier operations.
  • Sale Price Synchronization: Easily synchronize sale prices between WooCommerce and Square POS to maintain consistent and accurate pricing across platforms.


For more information visit our Documentation Page

WC Shop Sync Plus – The Ultimate Square Payment Gateway Solution for WooCommerce

WC Shop Sync Plus is a powerful and secure automation solution that helps Square users easily synchronize their online WooCommerce store with the Square platform. With pro features like automated synchronization for products, orders, and customer data, WC Shop Sync Plus is the ultimate extension for Square and WooCommerce users everywhere.

WC Shop Sync Plus Features

  • Auto-synchronize products and categories between WooCommerce and Square.
  • Auto-synchronize orders and payment details between Square and WooCommerce.
  • Auto-synchronize Customers details between WooCommerce and customers.
  • Logged in customers can save their card information for future use.
  • Process and manage refunds between Square and WooCommerce.
  • Support for Square Sandbox API.
  • Accept payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay and Square Gift Card Pay.
  • Manually synchronize variable or simple products with custom or global attributes between Woocommerce and Square using multiple variations.
  • ACH Payments allow the user to pay with their Bank Account on the checkout page.
  • View complete order details in Square orders including tax/shipping values.
  • View individual item’s sales in the Square Reports section
  • Add Square Modifiers that allow you to sell items that are customizable or offer additional choices.
  • Allow customers to add transaction Notes in Square receipt.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscription.
  • Compatibile with Woocommerce Pre-Orders Extension
  • Integration and support for Cartflows.


  • WC Shop Sync – Connect Square with WooCommerce
  • Start Synchronize
  • Payment Settings


મે 6, 2024
I want to commend the support team for their outstanding assistance with a recent issue I encountered with the plugin. They were prompt, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful throughout the process. Their dedication to resolving the issue quickly and effectively was truly impressive. Thank you for your exceptional support!
જાન્યુઆરી 29, 2024
I was pleased that they scheduled a time with me to do a Google Meet to get my issue resolved. I had to move the appointment slightly and they were accommodating and we were able to get the issue resolved quickly. I only wish they did chat support vs. email, but overall, I’m still pleased.
ઓક્ટોબર 6, 2023
Outstanding support with extremely fast response times and resolution time. I had a customization issue with the plugin (no fault of theirs), raised a ticket and the team bent over backwards to accommodate my request. Where the issue was tricky, they thought outside the box and implemented an alternative solution that worked just as well. I cannot recommend the support team enough.
ઓક્ટોબર 6, 2023
I cannot speak highly enough about the exceptional customer service I received from this team. From the moment I reached out, they were swift in their response, incredibly accurate in addressing my issues, and left no question unanswered. It’s rare to find such dedication and efficiency, and I genuinely appreciate their commitment to excellence. A heartfelt thank you to the team for making my experience seamless and stress-free. 5 stars without a doubt!
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  • Fixed – Error occurred durinng product and category sync
  • Fixed – Error appearing on Sync and category issue.
  • Fixed – Error in block checkout compatibility with e-wallet.
  • Fixed – Apple pay verification replaced.
  • Fixed – e-wallet currency compatibility.


  • Fixed – Error occurred durinng product and category sync
  • Fixed – Error occurred on the checkout page in certain situation


  • Fixed – Error appearing on checkout page in some cases


  • NEW – Separated the logs for Sandbox and production mode
  • Fixed – Security patch for issue reported by Patchstack
  • Fixed – Product sync log for deleted products was missing
  • Fixed – Error appearing on checkout page


  • Added – ACH payment code compatible with Square.
  • Update – Sandbox and production button layout update.
  • Update – Plugin Module page layout update.
  • Update – plugin name update to WC Shop Sync.
  • Update – Update search tags on Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress.org
  • Update – Update permission scope at the time of authorization.


  • Added – Product sync logs module.
  • Added – Woocommerce Checkout block Support.
  • Fixed – some support fixes.
  • Fixed – some UI fixes.


  • Fixed – Minor Bug Fixes
  • Improved – Implemented Security Fixes


  • code optimization


  • Fixed – some support fixes.


  • Added – After Pay Support.
  • Added – Cash App Support.
  • Added – Sandbox Support.
  • Fixed – some support fixes.


  • Fixed – SCA payment failed issue.
  • Fixed – some support fixes.


  • Added- Latest freemius SDK.


  • Added- ACH Payment method support!
  • Added- Latest Web payment SDK.
  • Fixed- Refund API renewed.
  • Fixed- Support Fixes.


  • Fixed- Notice fixed!
  • Fixed- Pricing issue with japense and USD.
  • Fixed- Edit on woocommerce updating product.
  • Fixed- decimal points issue fixed.
  • Fixed- Stock fixed.


  • Fixed- Force SSL Issue Fixed


  • Added – Added new api request replaced with dept api.
  • Added – new UI display.
  • Added – Apple Pay Pay Support Added.
  • Added – Max number of item sync.


  • Added – Google Pay Support Added


  • Added – re-review wordpress revamp for Out of Date Libraries,Data Must be Sanitized and Generic function


  • Added – re-review wordpress revamp according to wordpress.org pattern.


  • Added – Cartflow Compatibility with Upsell/DownSell.
  • Added – Buycred For Square compatibility.


  • Added – New beautify User interface revamp.
  • Fixed – locationId is required on checkout page .
  • Fixed – Access Token Expired issue fixed.
  • Added – user interface changes.


  • Fixed – CUSTOMERS_WRITE permissions issue fixed.


  • Fixed – Array notice issue.


  • Added – Refresh token added to renew from off page.
  • Added – Code compatibility with API.
  • Fix – categories checked if exist so update it.
  • Improvement – Square connect authorization.


  • Added – free api.
  • Fixed- Some error fixed.
  • Fixed- file missing issues.


  • Added – code quality.
  • Enhancement – Added compatibility for WordPress 5.3.2
  • Enhancement – Added compatibility for WooCommerce 3.8.1


  • Update – SDk updated version 2.3.1


Fix – Selected payment location.


  • Added – SCA Integration.
  • Added – replace depreciated with new one api endpoints.
  • Added – Square Sandbox dashboard integration with v2 api.
  • Added – Create payment V2 API.
  • Added – Get payment V2 API.
  • Added – Cancel payment V2 API.
  • Added – Refund payment V2 API.


  • Added – Refund support for reason optional.
  • Fixed- Some error fixed.


  • Added – Square Payment Gateways Support.
  • Added – Refund support.
  • Update- SSL notice code update.


  • Improvement – Square connect authorization.


  • Update – SDk updated.


  • Improvement – Square connect authorization.
  • Added – Square connect revoke.


  • Added – Square connect authorization.


  • Enhancement – CURL code to HTTP API request.


  • Enhancement – Added compatibility for WordPress 5.0.1
  • Enhancement – Added compatibility for WooCommerce 3.5.2
  • Enhancement – Manage Stock management conditions.


  • Added – Html escape check.
  • Remove – Conflicts with square multi location.
  • Remove – font size bold conflicts.
  • Added – Support for wc_update_product_stock.
  • Manage – Stock management according to square rule RECEIVE_STOCK,SALE.


  • Added – Synchronization Compatibility Multiple attribute with multiples variations WooCommerce to Square.
  • Added – Synchronization Compatibility Multiple attribute with multiples variations Square to WooCommerce.


  • Added – Compatibility single attribute with multiples variations.
  • Added – Sync to square on Added,edit,update or delete event.
  • Update – WooCommerce to Square variations uppercase lowercase compatibility.
  • Update – Square to WooCommerce variations sync space trims.
  • Update – Improvement in product synchronization.
  • Update – Terminate or delay when other synchronization with.


  • Optimization – Added compatibility for the latest version of woocommerce.


  • Optimization – Optimization of code with free and paid conflicts.


  • Added – filtration validation with global and custom attributes.
  • Optimization – Organized the code.


  • Added – PHP version compatibility checked.


  • Added – Compatibility with woocommerce 3.0x .
  • Added – sync multiples variations with starting 2 attributes variable product in free completed in pro version.
  • Update – Add Double attributes with variable product with variations.


  • Commit to clean and update code upto standards


  • Fixed Conflict with Pro version
  • Tested upto WooCommerce 3.0
  • Tested for WordPress 4.7.3 Compatibility


  • Small update in backend


  • Added some backend features


  • Initial release