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Classic Wedding

classictemplate દ્વારા

આવૃત્તિ: 0.2

છેલ્લો સુધારો: એપ્રિલ 15,2021

Active Installations: 60+

પીએચપી(PHP) આવૃત્તિ: 7.2.14 અથવા તેથી વધુ

થીમ મુખ્ય પેજ

Classic Wedding Theme is perfect for business related to wedding like for wedding planner. You can also use it to showcase your wedding events, wedding gallery, engagement gallery, etc. It can also be used for anniversaries, birthday parties, family functions, wedding bands or for art and design, personal, portfolio, girlie or feminine blogs and websites. You can also showcase your romantic journey through this beautiful theme or announce your wedding in an aesthetic manner. The theme has a completely responsive design which looks flawless on all devices. The design of the theme is simple yet attractive and luxurious for people who are ready to tie the knot. It comes with a lot of features for you to create that perfect website. Like featured content and slider, page builder, video display, etc. This theme helps you connect with your guests, as well as share the wedding information and your happy moments. It is optimized for speed to provide an excellent user experience to your website visitors. You can also inform your guests about wedding events, party schedules, and rsvp with this theme in a stylish manner. 


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