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themeinwp દ્વારા

આવૃત્તિ: 1.0.1

છેલ્લો સુધારો: એપ્રિલ 24,2024

Active Installations: 30+

વર્ડપ્રેસ આવૃત્તિ: 5.3 અથવા તેથી વધુ

પીએચપી(PHP) આવૃત્તિ: 5.6 અથવા તેથી વધુ

થીમ મુખ્ય પેજ

The "EcoScape" WordPress theme is a visually stunning and environmentally conscious design crafted for websites dedicated to sustainability, eco-friendly living, and nature appreciation. With its clean layout, earthy color palette, and intuitive navigation, EcoScape offers an immersive experience for visitors passionate about environmental issues. This theme integrates seamlessly with WordPress, providing customizable features such as eco-friendly icons, green energy widgets, and nature-inspired graphics. Whether you're running a blog, eco-conscious business, or environmental organization, EcoScape empowers you to showcase your commitment to a greener world while captivating your audience with its modern aesthetics and user-friendly interface.


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