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The Kuicklist WP Plugin Lets You Take Your Checklists With You

Speaking of WordPress, there was no way we could not have an option for this.

So we’ve created our own plugin that lets you serve up any checklist you want inside your Kuicklist account.

Just download and install the plugin, select where you want to show your checklist on your WordPress site and voila!

You’ve got an instant page or post ready to capture tons of leads.

Note: You will need an active KuickList account to use this plugin. This plugin uses your KuickList account API key to perform the actions on behalf of you. e.g; Fetches your checklists from your account.

Fully Customizable Checklist Design

Kuicklist will give you multiple sections per checklist that you can use to wow your subscribers and visitors.

Everything you need to dazzle your audience is already included.

Just click a section to edit and you can make checklists until your heart’s content. Choose your colors, add sections, and more.

All Your Checklists Are Mobile Responsive

Because you’ll have multiple ways you can share your checklists, we’ve made sure that every single one is mobile responsive.

Doesn’t matter if it’s being viewed on a computer monitor or a mobile phone.

Your checklists will show correctly every single time.

Quickstart Checklists To Remove The Guesswork

Hey, we get it. Even as awesome as Kuicklist is… you still might need a little inspiration to get you going.

That’s why when you create your checklist, they will be filled with predefined templates to help you get off to a running start.

Just click, edit, save, and you’ve got a checklist ready for the masses.

Self Hosting For All Your Checklists Are Included

Don’t bother with trying to figure out how to display your Kuicklist checklists.

We’ve got you 100% covered.

Every list you ever create will be stored and displayed on our lightning fast servers so you can focus on building your business and getting leads.

Iframe Embedding Lets You Put Your Checklists Where You Want

Maybe there’s a place online that you want to display your checklist that allows for html code?

This option is perfect because you tap into multiple sources of traffic by using an iframe embed anywhere online that allows for it.

Also great if you have other content that aren’t named WordPress.

Integrates Easily With Your Favorite Email Autoresponder

Because we want you to build a mega list that brings you cash like clockwork, we’ve configured Kuicklist to play nicely with all the popular autoresponders too.

The Kuicklist Landing Page Builder

As we’ve already said, everything you need to start building a profitable list is included with Kuicklist.

Even the ability to build landing pages!

And don’t worry if you aren’t technically savvy.

Making changes to these pages are as easy as pointing and clicking with your mouse!

Fully Customizable Opt-In Form Settings

Create the opt in form of your dreams right inside of Kuicklist.

If you can click on it, you can pretty much design it how you want it to be.

This includes headings, sub headings, images, buttons, and more.

Now you’ll be able to capture every single lead with your brand new Kuicklist checklists and landing pages!

Progress Tracking To Keep Users Engaged

One of the best ways to get people tuned into your lists is by having interactive content.

Kuicklist provides that by letting your users see exactly how they are progressing through the checklists you’ve created.

This in turn will help build rapport and nurture the relationship you have with your subscribers even more.

Tracking, Data, And Analytics Are All Included As Well

If you’re running traffic or just want to see how your checklists promotions are going, we’ve got you covered there too.

Kuicklist supports Facebook Pixels, Google Tag Manager Pixels, 3rd Party Pixels and shows you at a glance how many leads your checklists have at any given moment.


  • API Key. Login to your KuickList and copy your API Key.
  • Connect Plugin. Back to your Worpress, look the KuickList on left navigation and Click the connect button.
  • Use Plugin. Click on the Pages on left navigation, create or edit any existing page, you will see on top right your KuickList checklists list in dropdown


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress at least 3.0.1 or greater
  • PHP version 5.2 or greater


  1. Login to your KuickList account, click on left navigation link ‘WordPress Plugin’ and download it. Upload kuicklist.zip which you have just downloaded to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. You may also search KuickList plugin on wordpress plugins search directory by keyword kuicklist.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Find KuickList on left navigation.
  5. Login to your KuickList application and Click on My Account on left and copy your API Key
  6. Back to your KuickList Plugin section, Click the connect box with unlock icon.
  7. Enter your API key.
  8. Create a new page or Edit any existing page, you will see KuickList box in top right corner.
  9. Select any Checklist which you have created on KuickList from dropdown
  10. Hurray! That’s it.

એફએક્યુ (FAQ)

How to get the API key?

Login to your KuickList account, click “My Account” from left navigation and copy your API key from this page.

Do I need to install any special software on my computer?

No you don’t. Everything you need is loaded on our cloud based platform. You only need to login with your credentials which we’ll send you immediately after your purchase.

Do I need an active KuickList account to use the plugin?

Yes, you will need an active KuickList account.

I don’t have technical skills at all. Will this be hard for me to use?

No it won’t. We’ve designed Kuicklist to be extremely easy to use for even the most non tech savvy people without sacrificing any power for results. Also, the training videos will help you get up and running quickly.

What if I need help or support?

You’ll be able to get any support you need and any questions answered using our support desk feature inside the member’s area. Our response time is incredibly fast.


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  • Added support to WP latest version 6.3.2


  • Fix minor syntax error


  • Added support to WP latest version 6.1.1


  • Added support to WP latest version 6.0.2


  • Added support for WP ‘Posts’
  • Added support to WP latest version 5.9


  • Improved the Checklists select dropdown by grouping them in their relevant folders


  • Added support to WP latest version 5.8
  • Custom domain work enhancement


  • Fix themes css conflict issue


  • Added support to WP latest version 5.7
  • Typo changes and minor fixes/changes in admin area UI


  • Plugin admin area undefined index issue fix.


  • Bugs fixes and Improvements.


  • Initial version.