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  • આવૃત્તિ 0.1.11
  • Last updated જુલાઇ 17,2024
  • Active installations 100+
  • WordPress version 6.0
  • PHP version 7.2

Introducing BlockStrap, a revolutionary WordPress theme that marries the streamlined agility of Bootstrap with the cutting-edge functionality of WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE). Crafted for performance, BlockStrap is all about simplicity, speed, and elegance. With Bootstrap’s responsive design and WordPress FSE’s real-time customization, you can effortlessly create a stunning look across all devices. Its lightweight build ensures rapid loading times, while a plethora of customization options allows for a unique expression of your brand’s identity. Whether you’re an individual, business, or creative agency, BlockStrap’s blend of design and functionality offers a modern and efficient solution for your online presence. Explore the endless possibilities with BlockStrap today!


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Active Installations: 100+


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